The School of Nursing and Midwifery envision itself as a proactive school always on top of global trend and issues; committed to the total formation of Professional Emilian Nurses and Midwives, able to meet the ever changing and challenging demands of health care for the individual, family and community; living a life of virtue, excellence and service. Nursing and Midwifery offers a unique opportunity to contribute towards the total integration of the individual. Its dynamic, caring and teaching process is aimed to promote the optimum health of the individual, family and community; and that is committed to meeting the communities’ health needs utilizing knowledge, skills and attitudes through the following roles: PROMOTIVE, PREVENTIVE, CURATIVE and REHABILITATIVE. The School being open to Change leads to the development and progress of a culturally diverse community.  


The School of Nursing and Midwifery believes that: Man is a unique bio-psycho-socio-cultural and spiritual being always in constant interaction with his physical and social environment. Man exists in the community and so possesses the basic rights and responsibilities. God is the author of life. Education is the key to development and facilitates the integration of the total man through the instruction and discipline. The educator’s own continuous self integration; characterized by emphasis on the value of life, the dignity of human person, respect for human rights and freedom, and service to others.  


Emilio Aguinaldo College has its beginnings with the Marian School of Midwifery (1957), which was turned over to the University Physicians’ Services, Inc. in 1973. With the original Midwifery course was also offered Medical Secretarial course. The School of Nursing and Midwifery was established to meet the ever changing and challenging demands for health care at the individual, family and community levels. A proactive college, it strives to be on top of trends and issues in order to produce domestically relevant but globally competitive nurses and midwives. In 1976, Marian College applied for and obtained the permit to operate the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program thus establishing a College of Nursing. This was followed in 1977 with an authority to operate the B.S.N. Supplemental Course. The new curriculum of Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program was granted permit to operate. In October 1979, the first batch of B.S.N. under the new Program successfully graduated.


Upon completion of the respective curricula we will produce an Emilian Nurse/ Midwife who:
  • Demonstrates basic clinical competencies in the care of their clients that are scientifically, legally and ethically grounded.
  • Demonstrates initiative, independence, self—confidence as a health care practitioner.
  • Collaborates and cooperate with the other members of the health team who are involve in the care of a specific client.
  • Take full personal responsibility for their professional growth by continually acquiring new knowledge and keeping abreast of issue, trends and innovations that are relevant to the practice.
  • Participates willingly in conducting scientific research and utilization of acceptable research findings.
  • Achieves a high passing rate in Nurse Licensure Examination in accordance with the standards of the Commission on Higher Education and Philippine Regulation Commission.
  • Conscientiously render a quality and safe care towards their clients.

Caregiver Program

As per RA 7796 that established the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) calls the implementation of National Skills standards through the industry both at the time serve as quality guide points for the country’s providers of Technical and Vocational and Training (TVET). Emilio Aguinaldo College is offering a 7 months CAREGIVER program (6 months Theory & Application and 1 month On-the-Job Training) aligned with the standards of TESDA and the required TVET skills to share in the development of skills & be able to impart in the global needs of basic quality health care services.


Our vision is to be the premier health care and technical training institute in the country contributing to the development of the health care profession and the economy of the nation.


The Caregiver Program was established to provide the best health care services training and technical education that will facilitate employment opportunities for the health care and home management professionals in the country and overseas through excellent and value-oriented skills training to our graduates.


To provide relevant curriculum, which is equally competitive, offering basic adequate quality health care giving services to address increasing need of health care provider in the community both local and abroad. Enabling the graduate to enhance self-sufficiency and productivity.


  • Produce competent caregiver that promote dignity and independence, wellness, socialization, and safety on the clients through a comprehensive program of training, education, and retention of experienced.
  • Organize systematic live-in caregiver programs specifically for child, elderly and disabled clients.
  • Give formal education and training to Filipino Caregivers so they can render efficient and competent services to clienteles.
  • Enhance and promote in an individual a better value for human life and development.


Download Complete Course Programs & Description *PDF documents require the free downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader software for viewing.


*PDF documents require the free downloadable Adobe Acrobat Reader software for viewing.

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