BRIGHTSPACE: Delivery of Enriched Pedagogy

The tech-driven evolution of educational institutions has continuously challenged the role and scope of school administrators and educators whose sophistication must match the speed of change in order to meet the needs of students and keep their interest. Technology has brought rapid, unpredictable changes to the way educators and students organize, create, innovate, teach and study. Spurred by this awareness, here at EAC a new wave of educational technology is on the way. We have partnered with GlobeBrightspace Learning Management System (LMS), a component of products that empowers educators with the tools to design the best experience for their learners.

            The Brightspace LMS has an intuitive, mobile-friendly design which allows students to accomplish tasks quickly in the system, creating more connected teacher- student relationship. It has powerful tools to personalize learning which will help teachers motivate their students to reach their full potential. Moreover, its built-in analytics report will help teachers to understand and assess students’ performance throughout the term.

            Last May31, 2018, Mr. Nick Hutton, the Regional Head of D2L Corporation with some core members of Globe Telecoms, had a meeting with Dr. Jose Paulo E. Campos, EAC President. Representatives from different schools and departments as well as the Cavite Team (via video conference) attended the meeting. This meeting was followed by a training for EAC Administrators at the Globe Tower in Taguig last June 14. A training for some faculty members was also conducted in EAC last July 11.

            The Brightspace LMS will soon have its pilot program and will be available for the School of Medical Technology, the School of Nursing, the Graduate School, chosen SHS sections, AIS and ICA Cavite. Soon it will be available to all schools and departments.

            Hopefully, the results will show a college landscape that’s more connected and more personal than ever before and will allow us to re-examine the very idea of what E-learning even means. The vision of EAC is to go beyond the smart classroom, our classrooms must be interactive and thoughtful. A classroom that serves as a cornerstone for a solid team.