Main library, TRC upgrade technology

by: Viannica Rosini C. Pagkatipunan The College’s main library and the Technological Resource Center (TRC) are top go-to places for students to find resources and accomplish school-related activities. In the past years, these corners of the College have been occupied by students especially after TRC replaced its computers with more advanced variety. Last year until present, these recreational nooks continue their enhancement through keeping up with contemporary technology. Techy Launching Besides acquiring new and up-to-date books, logging in in both libraries was made easier for the students as ID swiping was implemented last year instead of the usual manual procedures. Along with this, the borrowing of books can now only take a minute or less as barcodes were put onto books. These books are electronically scanned together with the borrower’s identification card to keep better track of the borrowing process. However, the process of putting barcodes onto books is 80% finished as of press time. The 80% is composed of those books that were recently acquired and frequently borrowed, while the remaining 20% are the ones that are old and less borrowed. Nevertheless, according to the EAC Chief Librarian, Gloria E. Ruzgal, all books are expected to have barcodes. Implementation of e-books The main library also introduced e-journals that the students can easily access, whether inside or outside the campus, for study purposes. In line with this, using e-books is now being studied by the faculty members together with the College administration. A meeting was held last August 15 in which the library staff, faculty members and participants from EBSCO Information Services (an online information technology community focused on developing customizable services) attended. This was to clarify issues regarding the usage of e-books in the College such as the amount of budget required to pay for the books and the possible concerns of faculty members. Student body’s response “Maganda naman ang feedback. May iba lang talaga na nagsasabi na bakit kailangan pang magbigay ng borrower’s card. Ang purpose kasi is, paano kung masira ‘yung computer, di ba?” clarified Ms. Ruzgal. Meanwhile, most students found the developments favorable as it might lessen their expenses and load of their bags, especially if e-books were to be preferred by the professors. On the other hand, some students expressed disadvantages especially for those who do not own portable gadgets.