For a number of years now the number of foreign students studying in the Philippines has increased tremendously. The country has become a popular destination for foreign students who are attracted by relatively low tuition fee levels, cost of living, and geographical location.

It is in this regard that Emilio Aguinaldo College opened its doors to foreign students to enrich the diversity of the institution and promote cultural awareness at the college. EAC’s mission and vision play a key role in its decision to become a host institution to many students from India, Nepal, Maldives, Nigeria, China, and many other countries.

In its pursuit of expanding the system of educational networking and entering into collaborative arrangements with international allied institutions and knowledge industries, EAC is charting its strategic directions toward identifying its market niche in which it can be locally and internationally competitive.

Last November 3-4 2023, EAC was invited to join the International Higher Educational Fair 2023 held in Maldives. The invitation was extended by Dr. Mohamed Faizeen, head of Faizeen Int. Pvt. Ltd. Maldives. Emilio Aguinaldo College was represented in this event by Dr. Lorna Raymundo, Dean of the School of Medicine, and Dean Consolacion Luciano, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences.

The invitation to attend this event was facilitated by Pathways Inc. headed by Mr. Ravi Bikram Shah through the effort of Ms. Remy Habin together with Ms. Chelsea Habin.

In this educational fair and gathering, EAC was able to successfully present its wide variety of programs at an affordable price, high-quality education, comprehensive curriculum, career options, and cultural adaptability hence, Dr. Raymundo and Dean Luciano were able to entice many students to join the college. It was a very successful and rewarding event on the part of EAC.