Why EAC?

Well, aside from being a well-equipped campus with Professional and experienced educators upholding international learning standards, EAC is strategically located in the very core of Manila, the Philippines’ capital. It has a unique and up to-date curriculum at par with renowned global universities and colleges worldwide. It has adaptable courses that suit student needs and help them to be where they should be academically.

At EAC, our goal is to provide you with quality education of high standards, giving you the opportunity to develop life-time skills essential for your academic and learning endeavor. EAC does not only envision but is indeed a “hub” and home of many international students coming from all over the world, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and America (USA).

  • As a hub of diverse cultures and nationalities from about 42 countries, we take pride in providing our international students with good facilities for their academic learning and dormitory accommodation, for those who want to stay within or around the school premises.
  • We are committed to ensure that our international students feel welcome and become a big part of our Emilian Academic and International Learning Community.

The Emilian multi-diverse learning community provides great opportunities for students to interact and learn from a vast range of cultures present in the campus and are challenged positively to embrace a global mind set, rooted in the “Filipino spirit” of daring to explore the world and make their dreams come true. Various sports and intercultural activities are organized to help students showcase their cultural heritage, talents and giftedness. This gives our international students a holistic approach to learning as they move toward service to humanity with excellence and virtuous attitude to life.

International Students’ Day 2018