Business Administration Graduates who are able to become rational business leaders, determined to improve the quality of their lives, and imbued with an innate sense of service – to contribute to the development of their communities and the country.



The EAC-School of Business Administration is a responsive institution of learning that adheres to the highest standards of education, for the development of business professionals, who are: committed to the continuing enhancement of their careers, aware of their social responsibility, and advocates of good governance.



The School of Business Administration shall not only train the students but also enrich them with the necessary enlightenment and exposure to make them relate theoretical knowledge to practical training and make them better prepared for life upon integration into business world.



The College of Business Administration aims to:

  1. Provide the students with the essential knowledge to make them economically independent and socially committed professionals dedicated to the best interest of the nation.
  2. Equip them with the necessary training to be able to cope with the ever-changing times and events in the global business arena.
  3. Provide them with the necessary exposure and training to enable them to understand the inter-relationship of their learning and everyday living, thus apply this knowledge with intellectual, spiritual and moral maturity.
  4. Inculcate in them the value of cleanliness, orderliness, discipline, punctuality, hard work, thrift, diligence and self-reliance.
  5. Develop in them good moral values particularly honesty, respect, compassion, courtesy, obedience, fairness, and concern for others.
  6. Prepare them for vigilant leadership in meeting career challenges whether of local, national or international magnitude.