The Emilio Aguinaldo College Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is an academic-support unit of the Institution and is responsible for the development and implementation of various programs and services that focus on the non-academic aspects of the student’s life & development in the campus.

Every school year, this department conducts a need-based student-focused activities that are designed for the acquisition and improvement of Emilian values and life skills that complement the Institution’s Vision, Mission and Academic Objectives.

The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is headed by its Dean designated by the President and as confirmed by the Board of Directors.

Duties and Functions.  

The Dean of Student Affairs performs the following functions:

  1. Serve as a link between the EAC Administration and the student body and/or its component organizations and associations duly recognized by the school,
  2. Provide opportunities for the students’ active involvement in the affairs of the College;
  3. Oversee the activities of all student councils and organizations and provide guidance to students along social, cultural, educational and community leadership development;
  4. Coordinate with all registered and recognized student organizations; ensuring that they operate and exist in harmony with the rules promulgated by the school authorities;


Services offered by OSA:

  1. Student Orientation
  2. Scholarship Applications and Inquiries
  3. Accreditation of Student Councils, Professional Student Organizations and clubs
  4. Student Conduct and Discipline
  5. Student Manual Development and Review
  6. Issuance of Clearance and Good Moral Character Certificate

Cavite Campus

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Manila Campus

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