The School of Arts & Sciences carries out the most essential and major functions as a servicing unit in this institution through offering the General Education courses in all degree programs in addition to the programs under it.


The School of Arts and Sciences aims to deliver quality education for future leaders to make them holistic individuals with a high moral sense equipped with practical wisdom for the enhancement of life to the fullest and thereby contribute to the growth and development of the community and the country as well.




 Graduates of the Social Sciences and Communication programs are able to:

  1. provide the best foundation in liberal arts and sciences and impart quality education relevant to the needs of the community and the country;
  2. offer lifelong learning, technology and innovation through continuous research in the arts and the sciences and make the students acquire maturity in intellect, values and personal and social relations;
  3. develop national consciousness and concern and explore the community as a laboratory involved in social service through extension services and community outreach; and
  4. prepare students to become productive, competent and globally competitive professional leaders of the society and the world in the various disciplines.