The School of Radiologic Technology commits itself to provide students with an opportunity to relate theoretical knowledge to practical training to make them better prepared for life and their future integration into the working environment.

The mission of the school is primarily to develop a total person of broad tolerant and intelligent perspective, able to enhance his quality of life and contribute to the total development of the country through quality education in the field of Art, Science and Technology of Radiologic practices.


The school provides courses in Associate in Radiologic Technology and Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology for occupational roles which aims to:

  • Contribute to the growth of learning and skills in Radiography.
  • Integrate different avenues of knowledge in various Radiologic modalities in a viable learning experience for continuous advancement of Radiologic Technology Education.
  • Train student as well in creative, critical thinking and mastery in expressing the art of Radiologic Technology.
  • Develop awareness of the manifold innovative changes, issues and concerns encountered in the practice of Radiologic Technology profession.


Radiologic Technology is one of the pioneering courses offered by Marian College now Emilio Aguinaldo College. The School of Radiologic Technology have consistently performed with excellence having been its graduates always on the list of top best examinees and cited as 3rd best school in this discipline.

Uniqueness of the college is having its students exposed at an early stage as first year to have actual experience on the radiographic techniques and allowed to view various imaging modalities as provided in its mother hospital Medical Center Manila to stimulate and sustain the interest of the students. The college, aside from its laboratory equipment was also provided with radiograph unit/clinic located within the campus for community patients in – need of diagnostic services where our students integrate immediately and gradually confirms learned skills and knowledge.

Practicum / Clinical practice or Internship in the 4th year level is a curricular requirement being done not only in its mother hospital but also in various accredited affiliates like Philippine General Hospital, Jose Reyes Hospital, and Makati Medical Center to name a few.