The Emilio Aguinaldo College is an institution of learning thoughts equal and fair opportunities for the holistic development of person conscious of their national identity and their roles in global community.

Through the School of Education those who aspire to become future educators are equipped with the necessary and highest order of literacy and principles who understand the learning process and who are also prototypes of integrity and mobility of character and who are professionals of unquestionable intellectual abilities.


The School of Education envisions itself as one of the leading institutions in Teacher Education inculcating 21st century skills and competencies needed to contribute to the development of 21st  century education


The educational objectives of the programs under the School of Education are as follows:

  • to offer fair and equal educational opportunities to those who aspire to become teachers;
  • to enrich the curriculum with updated and diversified courses designed to equip students with skills in teacher education;
  • to develop creativity in delivering alternative approaches and strategies in teaching;
  • to encourage hands-on experiences in the field/classroom through observation, teaching assistance and practice teaching; and
  • to acquire right values and ideologies while displaying a genuine sense of nationalism and service to the global community.