The School of Criminology envisions to produce globally competitive graduates with honorable VIRTUES, who have passion for EXCELLENCE, and are devoted to public SERVICE.


The mission of the School of Criminology is to provide students with an opportunity to relate theoretical knowledge in Criminology to practical application in order to make them better prepared for life and in their future integration to the work environment as well as to public service.


The objective of the school of criminology is to provide the community with graduates who are professionally competent, morally and socially responsible individuals who can deliver efficient and effective services in the various areas of Criminology.


  1. Provide opportunities for the students to acquire the needed skills and knowledge in the practice of criminology and its allied fields.
  2. Prepare the students for a career in crime prevention, law enforcement; criminal justice administration; juvenile justice administration; crime detection and investigation; application of forensic sciences to law enforcement and crime detection; psychology of crime and prevention; probation, parole and correctional administration.
  3. Provide the students with adequate training on the constitutional guarantees and due process requirements affecting the administration of justice.
  4. Foster a higher concept of leadership and understanding of one’s responsibilities by instilling in the students the value of public service.