Emilio Aguinaldo College has its beginning with the Marian School of Midwifery (1957) which was turned over to the University Physicians’ Services, Inc. in 1973.  With the original Midwifery course, it also offered Medical Secretarial Course. Midwifery was headed by the late Dr. Jose Fontanilla, as Principal and the late Mrs. Florentina Santiago, RN as Assistant Principal. Dr. Crisanto S. Vito Cruz ran the Medical Secretarial course. This was followed by the founding of the Marian School of Nursing with Miss Carmen Karganilla as Dean.

In 1976, Marian College applied for and obtained the permit to operate the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program, thus, establishing a College of Nursing. This was followed with an authority to operate the BSN Program when it was granted permit to operate and admitted 6 sections under this program in 1977. It was in this particular year when the enrollment increased tremendously.

In October of 1979, the first batch of BSN under the new program successfully graduated. In 1980, Mrs. Carmen Ritumalta took over as the Officer-in-Charge. There was a marked decline in the population of nursing students. The OIC resigned to settle permanently in the U.S.A.

In 1981, Mrs. Raquel Castillo took over as the new dean of the College of Nursing/Midwifery. There was a marked change in the implementation of the nursing program especially in the clinical areas.  The 7th front of Medical Center Manila was endorsed to the College of Nursing/Midwifery and became the pilot area for the implementation under the new B.S.N Program. Government recognition was granted in 1983.

In 1984, Mrs. Bella Z. Manaog took over when Mrs. Castillo resigned because of a new position as Chairman of the Board of Nursing, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).

In 1987, the resignation of Mrs. Manaog opted the late Dean Carmen Karganilla to take over the position for the second time since the number of students who wished to take up nursing increased.

In 1990, Mrs. Adoracion Magallanes became the OIC of the College of Nursing and Midwifery.

In 1991, Mrs. Susana Dela Cruz was appointed as the OIC when Mrs. Magallanes resigned because she was given an administrative post at UPSI Group of Companies.

1992 – Ms. Bernadette Reyes was appointed as the Dean  of the College of Nursing/ Midwifery.

1992 – Ms. Marjorie Causapin took over when Miss Reyes resigned and the time when the enrollment increased. The program was accredited for both Level I and level II by PACUCOA, and permit was finally granted to the College of Nursing. It was also in this particular year when the satellite clinics opened in Sta. Ana, Manila and Pasay City. The community based program in Pasong Buaya, Cavite was launched for the senior nursing students’ for comprehensive community exposure.

1997 – Dr. Ana Sonia F. Cruz was appointed as Dean of the College of Nursing/Midwifery. The year when AHSE based curriculum was supposed to be implemented. Dr. Cruz left last June 2002 to join her son in USA.

2002 – Mrs. Bela R. Ansano took over the office. She manned the program with 4 sections of BSN Level 4, 8 sections of BSN Level 3 and 18 sections of Health Care 1.

In June 2004, Dean Grace Agustin, a two-term board examiner, took over as the Dean when Dr. Mackay decided to go to the United States. Dean Agustin became the mentor of the young and promising faculty of the College of Nursing and Midwifery during her time.

2006 – Dean Agustin endorsed Ms. Catalina Mallary during the Capping Ceremony of level III in June 2005 to be the new dean as Dean Agustin opted to rest first. This period was the peak period for the nursing program in terms of enrollment.

2007 – Dean Norma Dumadag took over when the late Dean Mallary passed away. It was during this time when the Nursing Skills Laboratory and the Simulated Skills Laboratory were modified to respond to the changing trend of the nursing profession.

In November 2008, Dean Mary Jane Lesaca-Olid was transferred from EAC Cavite campus to Manila. Shared governance among the stakeholders was implemented during her time. To mark Dean Olid’s leadership, there were new programs piloted and launched, such as Bible Study Program, Monthly Seminars and Trainings for faculty, Information and Communication Environment Upgrading, Environment Protection and Community Involvement. In her term, the Program had satisfactorily met the standards and fulfilled all the requirements of the Philippine Association of Colleges and Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) where in Candidate Status was granted a d subsequently Level I status on February 2011.

In July 2011, Dr. Olid resigned and assumes her office in the Graduate School of Nursing as dean which gives birth to the present leadership of Dean Maria Theresa T. Soriano. Dean Soriano was a faculty in October 2006, became Level Coordinator and eventually the College Secretary. At present, academic enhancement is the core of the program achieving VIRTUE, EXCELLENCE AND SERVICE.

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