The vision of the school is to uphold the ideals of the institution, Virtue, Excellence, and Service, through professional growth and personal development in the field of Physical, Occupational and Respiratory Therapy towards national and global advancement.

The Emilio Aguinaldo College, School of Physical, Occupational and Respiratory Therapy is committed to the cultivation of outstanding individuals who possess the adequate knowledge with appropriate attitude and proficient skills to prepare them to become competent in their practice as allied health professionals responsive to the well-being of the Filipino people.


The school’s main objective is to produce graduates capable of demonstrating the highest level of competence in their chosen fields and behaving in the highest professional conduct in their respective practice.

Specifically, the School of Physical Occupational and Respiratory Therapy aims to:

  • develop the level of basic knowledge, skills and attitude required in the field of physical/occupational therapy;
  • provide the appropriate educational preparation needed by the students to optimize their learning experience;
  • assess the efficiency of its educational program by continuously evaluating both the academic and clinical performance of its students;
  • intends to achieve and maintain a high passing rate in the national licensure exam in accordance with the standards set by the professional organizations.


Emilio Aguinaldo College is the third school in the NCR region and the fifth school in the Philippines to offer a baccalaureate degree in Physical Therapy.

The School of Physical Therapy obtained government permit to open during the academic year of 1978-1979 with Dr. Isagani Darvin as the first dean.

The school admits students on a competitive basis considering factors like the student’s academic record, rank in the qualifying examinations, and performance in the interview. Its students have proved themselves by winning in both academic and non-academic contests within the school and even in inter-PT school competitions. This has paved the way in producing topnotchers in the Licensure Exam since the 1980’s. From 1994-1998, the college ranked first in the Licensure exam among schools with 1000 and more examinees. It has also produced competent professionals recognized in the Philippines and worldwide.


Almost two decades after the establishment of Physical Therapy in Emilio Aguinaldo College, the Occupational Therapy Program was created. The conception was based on the fact that many students from the College of Arts and Sciences wanted to pursue a career in Allied Health. Occupational Therapy, by definition, is an art and science of facilitating purposeful activities, professionally guided, to aid individuals with mental/physical illness attain their maximum potential to work, play, and do their daily activities inspite of their impairment, disability or handicap. The wide range of programs involving OT studies show that the profession is one of the fastest growing fields in the United States and in the Philippines as well.

EAC Occupational Therapy produced its first graduates in 1996. In less than two years of its birth, Emilian Occupational Therapists already started to surmount and occupy top slots in the Occupational Therapy Licensure Examinations.


It was only in 1990 when the Bachelor’s Degree of Respiratory Therapy was first offered as a course in Emilio Aguinaldo College. The school offers comprehensive lectures, computer-aided instructions, clinical simulations and practice of respiratory care in classrooms as well as clinical exposures in hospitals like Medical Center Manila and other affiliated hospitals.

EAC-RT graduates can be found in Respiratory/Pulmonary units of different tertiary hospitals in Metro Manila and around the country proving the quality of education the college had given them.

Respiratory Therapy is not far behind in comparison with Nursing which is in demand these days. There are a lot of graduates in the Middle East as well as in North America who are working as Respiratory Therapists and EAC graduates are among them.