The School of Hotel and Restaurant Management is envisioned to gear towards excellence in the development of quality Hospitality Management students who are physically, socially, mentally and emotionally equipped to face the challenges of life, and for the achievement of the best quality of life for global competitiveness.


The School of Hotel and Restaurant Management is committed to build and develop a just, humane and responsible person through relevant and quality education; effective teaching methodologies; able to uplift the quality of living and contribute to the development of one’s country and humanity.


In keeping with its Vision-Mission, the School has the following general objectives:

  1. To provide graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to advance rapidly through the ranks to rewarding and responsible management positions in all sectors of hospitality industry;
  2. To develop among students desirable leadership/ management qualities and proper attitudes and conviction towards their respective careers;
  3. To develop students’ potentials for entrepreneurship enabling them to contribute to the economic growth of the country and;
  4. To make students aware and sensitive to the continuing changes in the environment and prepare them for global participation.