To develop highly competent professionals who will be able to demonstrate expertise in the field of Midwifery practice.

Encourage students to be Effective, Efficient and Excellent in the field of Midwifery and to have Empathy in the performance of their duties to the community.


The School of Midwifery hones students to become exceptionally dedicated professionals with clear vision and determination to make positive changes in the world.  It is our desire to provide our students with the necessary skills that will lead them to new discoveries, search their purpose and achieve their dreams.

Program Educational Objectives:

Produce graduates who:

  1. Applies the knowledge, attitude and skills of midwives towards Maternal and Child Care.
  2. Perform duties and responsibilities in adherence to the midwifery practice and ethico-moral principle.
  3. Participate actively to different professional organization and other related linkages.
  4. Engage on social mobility and research activity.






Our vision is to be the premier health care and technical training institute in the country contributing to the development of the health care profession and the economy of the nation


The Caregiving Program was established to provide the best health care services training and technical education that will facilitate employment opportunities for the health care and home management professionals in the country & overseas through excellent & value – oriented skills training to our graduates


  1. To produce competent caregiver that promote dignity and independence, wellness, socialization, and safety on the clients through a comprehensive program of training, education, and retention of experienced.
  2. Provide formal education and training to Filipino Caregivers so they can render efficient and competent services to clienteles.
  3. Enhance and promote in an individual a better value for human life and development