Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology is a branch of laboratory medicine which deals with the examinations of various specimen e.i blood, body fluids and discharges, by means of physical, chemical, microscopic, and other medical laboratory procedures or technique which will aid the physician in the diagnosis, study and treatment of disease and in the promotion of health in general.


The School of Medical Technology endeavors to produce Medical Technology graduates who are scientifically competent to deliver the full spectrum of the course updated with the modern technology.

  • To provide equal opportunities to those who aspire to endeavor in medical technology and related fields.
  • To help medical technology students to acquire and develop skills, knowledge and attitudes to contribute to overall social, mental, and physical health of the community and country.
  • To stimulate creative thinking among students to enable them to acquire and develop skills in instrumentation and laboratory diagnostics and scientific research methods and processes.
  • To establish quality training and education to prepare medical technology students for leadership in facing the challenges of both national and global development.
  • To instill among students good moral values vital in the molding of highly disciplined, honest, socially responsible, hard working, obedient and self-reliant medical technologists
  • Philippine Association Medical Technologists, Inc.
  • Philippine Society for Microbiology
  • Philippine Association of Schools of Medical Technology & Public Health
  • Philippine Society of Medical Technology Students


This program is a 4-year course composed of 2-years of General Education Subjects, one year of major subjects and one year of internship to different private and public hospitals accredited by the Department of Health.