The EAC-School of Medical Technology is an institution of higher learning that envisions itself to utilize student-centered learning environment and pedagogy to foster conceptual understanding, knowledge reproduction, and skills development necessary to produce scientifically and globally-competent medical technologists.


To produce Medical Technology graduates who are scientifically and globally competent to deliver the full spectrum of the course updated with the modern technology and pedagogy.


  1. to provide equal and fair opportunities of education to those who aspire to endeavor in Medical Technology and related fields.
  1. to help Medical Technology students to acquire and develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will contribute to the overall social, mental and physical health of the community and country.
  1. to establish quality training and education in instrumentation, laboratory diagnosis, scientific research methods and processes critical in producing graduates who are academically-equipped in facing the challenges of both national and global markets.
  1. to instill among students good moral values and appreciation for one’s national identity vital in the molding of highly disciplined, honest, socially responsible, hard working, dignified and self reliant Medical Technologists.