The School of Radiologic Technology commits itself to provide students with opportunities to relate theoretical knowledge to practical training to make them better prepared for life, and their future integration into working environment.


The mission of the School or Radiologic Technology is to develop a total person of broad tolerance and intelligent perspectives, able to enhance the quality of life, and contribute to the total development of the country through quality education offered in the field of Arts, Sciences and Technology in Radiologic practices.


The Radiologic Technology program aims:

  1. to develop and acquire the knowledge of the various physical principles involved in diagnostic imaging and therapeutic application.
  2. to train students how to minimize the risks involved in the application of various radiant energies to humans for diagnostic, therapeutic and research purposes.
  3. to demonstrate skill in proper positioning and therapeutic techniques to assist in diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  4. to develop knowledge, attitudes, values and skills necessary to contribute to the overall social, mental and physical health of global community and country; and
  5. to respond to the technological advancement in the field of Radiologic Sciences thru research and continuing professional development and management skills.