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School of Criminology

The School of Criminology of Emilio Aguinaldo College has been consistent in its drive for academic competitiveness manifested by the impressive performance of its graduates in the Criminologists Licensure Examination through the years.

Since 1992, the School’s 75% to 100% passing average in the Criminologist Licensure Profession is considered as one of the highest in the Philippines.

The school has also been consistent in garnering awards from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) for being a top performer among the Criminology schools in the Country. The following are some of its awards:

Date of Examination Rank
October 2005 1st Place
August 2004 2nd Place
March 2004 1st Place
August 2003 4th Place
March 2003 2nd Place
September 2002 2nd Place

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