Fifty-two years and 500 plays thereafter, Repertory Philippines remains the undisputed story teller on stage, entertaining and enriching its audience. On its 82nd season, the REP is presenting MIONG (again) to coincide with the 150th birth anniversary of Emilio Aguinaldo. This musical tackles the story of Aguinaldo’s youth, it spans his life from his birth on March 22, 1869 until the story ends to the Declaration of Independence on June 12, 1898.

Unlike other Filipino heroes, Aguinaldo’s life story and his place in Philippine History remain an ambiguity with multiple facets. In this musical play, we witnessed how Miong changed the course of our history by valiantly fighting to defend Philippine Independence. Miong is a story of difficult moments and all difficult moments are transitional times, people are always moving, transforming, evolving. It is also a story that celebrates courage, sacrifices and love of country.

The one hour, fifty minute musical was written almost as an allegory, shorter and plainer, although there is nothing plain with the magnificent cast led by Tim Pavino ,who gave such an enthralling, compelling performance, their voices soaring, reverberating within the walls of the theater, the meaningful message of the lyrics piercing through our hearts.

The story written by Joy Virata, a veteran theater thespian, embraced the audience with the warmth of a storyteller’s voice. This is a piece of writing that originates in a place of sincerity and significance to us. Once in a great while, an inspirational story of one of the pillars of Philippine Independence, one who fought for equality, liberty and freedom, rekindles our pride as a Filipino.