October 28-31, 2018

Narrative Report

One of the international partners of Emilio Aguinaldo College – Manila. i.e. Chang Jung Christian University in Taiwan, invited EAC to attend and participate in the activities of the university during their University President Forum and at the same time to do internationalization with other partner schools of the university. Dr. Ellen S.N. Salac, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Ms. Maria Theresa Soriano, the Dean of the School of Nursing attended such forum and actively participated in different academic, co-curricular, and benchmarking activities.








The two (2) representatives from EAC had experienced varied activities since they were in different groups. The VPAA acted as a moderator in one of the parallel sessions focusing on International Community Building: In search of sustainable international service learning program.

Aside from academic activities, the university arranged for tours within Taiwan to learn about the culture of Taiwan and its heritage.

The highlight of the forum was the engagement/discussion with Dr. Jane Goodall (Jane Goodall Institute) and with the President of CJCU, President Lee, Yung-Lung. The university laid down the cooperation platforms including Erasmus-like Networking, research and cooperation, and their flagship project, the GlobEEs (Global Education Experiences) where participants were requested to give comments and suggestions on how to improve the partnership.  The closing ceremony was a memorable one since all participants together with the school administrators gathered to present their own gifts/token of appreciation and provided some testimonies of their partnership.