The exhibit of William Orsua was a photo storytelling. He didn’t only share his photographs and different perspectives with the EAC community, he also took us on a journey through his crystalline prose. His photos challenged us, sparked new ideas, gave a little flip of inspiration to go and create. It also allowed us a moment of calm.

Clearly, this photographer trained his lens on the natural world to offer a fresh perspective on its marvelous, majestic and magical wonders. His focus on finer details, zoom in on the natural elements to outline the photos using a reflection that invites a second look.

William Orsua has mastered the art of photo storytelling, in a subtle way he has given us a sense of longing, of wanting to be transported to the places we’re viewing, of wanting to know more. Orsua’s abiding positivity about the future is apparent in his personal story_ that of a respiratory therapist who persevered and punched through every wall life put in front of him, eventually breaking through beyond anything he could have imagined.