The School of Arts, Sciences and Teacher Education is constantly looking at ways to measure and monitor the well -being of its students. From specific education policies to the awareness of the role of industry partners in the individual success of its students, SASTE is working its ways to making social connections and focusing on things that could make students better individuals. At SASTE, we teach our students valuable and powerful lessons about life, their places in society, their futures, and their values.

The concept is quite simple. The action, words, and environment that students are exposed to significantly influence who they are. If they are immersed in a healthy, positive motivational environment, they have a stronger likelihood of being resilient, successful positive people.

Last March 5, 2019, SASTE held an Industry Board Meeting with its industry partners and conducted a consultative discussion with the aim of creating innovative ventures and forging a strong collaboration that will contribute to the development and improvement of the current curriculum and its applicability to the world of work. This meeting was attended by the president of EAC, Dr. Jose Paulo E. Campos who delivered a very meaningful message about the essence of industry partners in producing world class graduates who are ready to meld in a globalized competitive world. Also present in this event was Dr. Ellen Salac, who talked about the importance of continuously subjecting our programs to different accrediting bodies such as PACUCOA to make sure that EAC keeps up with the latest trend in education so that the institution will continue to produce competitive and successful graduates.

SASTE recognizes the role our industry partners play in developing our students’ skills and competencies in their fields of specialization. The event was conceptualized in a way that department heads were able to collaborate with their industry partners and share insights on how to improve their curriculum, strategies and approaches in teaching.

The Industry Board meeting was considered a successful one as it was able to tackle the on- the- job training performance of our students and the concerns about attendance, knowledge, skills, work ethics, professionalism and overall performance were addressed properly.