EAC delegates from Manila and Cavite campuses, led by Dr. Lorna Catherine G. Raymundo and Dr. Rebecca D. Miranda, recently embarked on an 11-day educational trip to Nanyang Medical College in China from May 6 to May 16, 2024.
Participants took part in the ‘Zhongjing Workshop’, diving deep into the world of traditional Chinese medicine. This unique opportunity allowed them to connect with the profound and ancient practices of one of humanity’s earliest forms of medicine, deeply enriching their academic and personal growth.
As the program came to a close, EAC’s student representatives took the opportunity to exhibit the vibrant Filipino history and culture through a special cultural dance performance, demonstrating the college’s eagerness to present their national heritage on an international platform.
Through this cultural exchange, EAC emphasizes its dedication to being an academic institution that truly values and thrives on the exchange of knowledge and understanding across borders.