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Mass Com Student wins National Essay Competition

John Micah Sebastian, a Junior MassCom student wins first honorable mention in the National Brown Movement Essay Writing Contest

A warm winter break for 14 Harvard students

14 Harvard University students from doing something meaningful—and keeping warm—while on their winter break.

EAC graduate tops therapist licensure board

Roderick Macababbad  Tumanguil topped October 2013 Respiratory Therapist Licensure Examination, the PRC announced Tuesday. Nine other EAC graduates garnered the 10 highest places.

EAC Mass Com Students Win Video Contest

Six Senior BS MassCom students of Emilio Aguinaldo College emerged as the Grand Winner in the 25th Anniversary Five Star Bus Liner Music Video Contest ...

Pinoys against corruption; EAC supports actions

“E-A-C: No to porky!” roared EAC student-leaders as they counted themselves as one of the hundred thousand people who walked ways to ‘Million People March’...

Senior High School Curriculum Modeling
The Upper School Training Program (UpSTP), offered in partnership with Liveit, is an educational program with emphasis in Business, Accountancy and Management. Its goal is to progress academic learning while developing skills that businesses need. 74% of all new jobs created in the Philippines, in the last decade, were created in the service sector. The service sector cuts across industries from Banking to Telecomm. UpSTP gets graduates ready to do those jobs being created. It gets students engaged in internships with companies hiring. And it will ready and enable these students to progress on to both work and college when the program is done. School in UpSTP is different. Simply put – students do not study text books, do not listen to lectures and do not take tests. Instead, they are faced with real business problems.