U20 inaugural ceremony in Qingdao, China(Jan 11,2019)

The Belt and Road Union of 20 Nations for Advanced Personnel Development (referred to as U20) is a network of educational institutions worldwide initiated by Qingdao TOP Education Management (TEM), in adherence to the Belt and Road Initiative of Chinese President Xi Jinping.

CULTURE differences between China and the Philippines were set aside as the Emilio Aguinaldo College (EAC) and U20 Alliance formed a partnership on Jan 11, 2019.


Photos below taken during MOA signing between EAC & TEM on Mar 29, 2019.









On Aug 16, 2019, EAC President Jose Paulo Campos and the deans of the institution’s programs welcomed the delegates of the U20 Alliance led by its general secretary, Dr. Dong Quanxuan, who came all the way from China for China-Philippine cultural exchange.

“Today is just one of the stops, based on the Belt and Road, for the exchanges between China and the Philippines,” Dr. Dong Quanxian said.

“In the future we are going to [cooperate] with [other] instituions and universities in the national along the Belt and Road route,” he added.

Campos said the meeting would allow each country to “know their neighbor,” adding that it might avoid further conflict.

“[This is] to give the [students the] opportunity to interact with people from China and have [an exchange of ideas] and [a chance for] research collaboration,” he added.

Meanwhile, Guo “Ted” Huixing, U20 Vice General Secretary, said if the partnership becomes full blown, EAC can have a satellite school in China “as long as there is a need.”

















During the meeting, the two countries exchanged cultural presentations, with the EAC Chorale singing. In turn, TEM brought famous Artists Tian Qingshan and Xie Qizhong did some calligraphy paintings, depicting one-liner poems from various Chinese philosophers and painted a few traditional artworks.








U20 delegation(including two artists) photo with EAC administrators

[with reports from Joshua Vera Cruz]

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