It has become a popular trend for Higher Educational Institutions to create strategic plans to affirm their commitment to internationalization. In the face of an increasingly global competitive environment, internationalization has become an important strategic priority for many higher educational institutions including Emilio Aguinaldo College.

The main goals of EAC in committing to internationalization plan focused on improvements in the quality of education and efficiency in administrative systems as well as the increase of international students. The recruitment of international students is the most heavily emphasized aspect of internationalization and EAC believes that international students will bring diverse perspectives in the college and enrich the learning experience of Filipino students.

EAC has developed a strategic plan which includes a vibrant cultural mosaic through international education and is now reaching beyond borders. An example of this is the recent trip to India of Dr. Maria. Cecilia Cuaresma-Cruz and Dr. Maria. Lucia Alvarado from the School of Medicine, joining them on this trip is Ms. Maria Theresa Reyes of the International Student Affairs Office and the Credit and Collection Department.

The EAC representatives visited four cities in India: Delhi, Ahmedabad, Nagpur and Akola, through the help of Dr. Kishor Saste, Managing Director of Universal Education Consultants in India, they were able to organize the Philippine Educational Fair in these cities.

The first event was conducted in Hibachi Hotel in Ahmedabad, representatives of schools from different provinces attended this event and EAC was able to forge partnerships with many of the schools. The second event was held at the Radisson Hotel in Nagpur and on this occasion video clips about the different programs being offered in EAC were shown to the attendees. This occasion was also memorable as parents of Indian students currently studying in EAC attended the event and gave the three representatives of EAC a very warm welcome and were very excited to hear news about their children.

The third and last event was organized at an auditorium in Akola. More than 300 participants attended this event, mostly Grade 11 and Grade 12 students, parents and school officials who were eager to learn about EAC. Dr. Cuaresma-Cruz and Dr. Alvarado talked about the programs of the School of Medicine as there were many questions raised about this while Ms. Reyes answered questions about the security of the school, dormitories, curriculum and many other pertinent questions posed by the parents.

Overall the trip and the Education Fair were very successful and the three EAC representatives are very positive about the opportunities that EAC will gain from this endeavor.