Emilio Aguinaldo College has always strived to provide learning experiences that develop students’ full potential which will invariably spill over to develop all in the community. One of the goals of EAC is to make sure that its students learn the value of financial literacy and self- reliance. To help its students achieve their full potential and accomplish their personal and overall academic goals, EAC has come up with a program that will help many students to pursue higher education. This program aims to help students obtain student loans with affordable repayment schemes.

Last October 10, 2019, Emilio Aguinaldo College represented by its president, Dr. Jose Paulo E. Campos entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with Bukas Finance Corporation, a finance company headed by Mr. Naga Tan, its Chief Executive Officer. Bukas, is a company that grants affordable student loans with easy and secured payments and low interest rates, its aim is to provide opportunity for people to have access to education.

It is the hope of Emilio Aguinaldo College that this partnership with Bukas Finance Corp. will make a positive impact on the lives of its students and their families.


For more info you may visit Bukas Finance Corporation website: https://bukas.ph/