For many years now, Emilio Aguinaldo College has regarded International students as valuable educational resource which enriches education beyond academic contents that the college offers; their contribution is essential if the college is to become truly an open and international institution. Furthermore, EAC believes that international students provide diversity to the campus and contribute a range of ideas and perspectives from different cultures. It is for this reason that EAC has been forging partnerships with many universities in China and India as these countries are the top sending countries for international student enrollment worldwide.

Last September 19, 2019 Mr. Robin Ngo Reyes, Marketing Director of EAC and Dr. Jennifer San Luis of the School of Medicine, made a visit to Nanyang Medical College to promote the 10th year of international collaboration between EAC and NYMC and to solidify their partnership. On the first day of their visit, September 20th, the two EAC representatives had a lunch meeting with the NYMC school officials, this was followed by the opening ceremony and meet/greet with international students.  500 students attended this program and Mr. Robin Reyes and Dr. San Luis had the chance to present the institutional programs being offered in EAC, brochures were also handed out to the attendees so they will learn more information about Emilio Aguinaldo College.

This short visit was promptly reciprocated by NYMC as on Sept. 24, delegates from their institution conducted a campus visit to Emilio Aguinaldo College to meet their counterparts and discuss the innovations and global themes in their curriculum. In this event, Dr. Jose Paulo E. Campos, President of EAC and Dr. Zhang Guoliang, Vice President of NYMC signed a renewal of their contract and Memorandum of Agreement.