As we reflect on the past year, the tough moments we faced, the things that challenged us and how these actually made us better and stronger, closer to one another in sharing our hearts and commitments to EAC, we are very grateful to our workforce strength that helped us achieve our goals. 2019 was an extraordinary year in Emilio Aguinaldo College, but because of the determination, hard work and unity that prevailed in the institution, we were able to hurdle all the challenges. As always, we have proven our resilience and strength as a solid institution and EAC soared to new heights this year.
We were graced with an ISO re-certification and we were blessed with an Autonomous Status, we were able to attain high level of accreditation for most of our programs, our students did well in their Board Exams, our athletes garnered medals in the recent SEAG, these are sources of continuing gratitude and this Christmas season is a time for expressing profound thanks, goodwill and good tidings.
For this coming year, let us always be reminded that EAC is the place where we are accepted, valued and appreciated and that no matter what happens, in the face of our deepest challenges, we have EAC, our community, a place where differences and similarities are both understood and celebrated.
In a world where everything constantly changes, the stability of our careers at EAC has enabled us to face the inevitable problems of life. Let’s hope for a much brighter future for all our employees and for their families, may this Christmas bring happiness and glory for all of us and we wish all of you be blessed with the most of it.