As the world now faces a pandemic and with the astonishing rapidity of worsening situation in many parts of the globe including the Philippines, institutions across the world are temporarily shutting down to minimize the scale of transmission and strengthen the need for rigorous precautions.

            Schools, where people find a community during the first two decades of their lives, shut their doors and moved to distance education. But nowadays, thanks to advancement in technology, distance education is now similar to face- to – face education.

            Here in Emilio Aguinaldo College, we continue to provide quality education with the use of Brightspace, an academic technology and innovation that allows EAC faculty members to create engaging learning experiences for their students. Brightspace is a collaborative, collegial tool that provides online learning to our students.

            Since last year, deans, heads, and faculty members have been attending workshops to develop effective online instructions and formulate strategies for virtual classrooms. And with the temporary closure of schools, EAC has found a way for our students  to attend their classes via virtual classrooms with the help of Brighspace.