Stronger Together: Nanyang Medical College and Emilio Aguinaldo College Forge a Stronger Partnership

Over the past ten years, Nanyang Medical College and Emilio Aguinaldo College have forged a partnership on international initiatives related to student and faculty mobility, research partnerships and internationalization of curricula. Indeed these two colleges view this partnership as high priority. And during these years, Nanyang Medical College has been sending Chinese students in EAC, opening doors for students interested in international learning opportunities, to develop their English proficiency, to enroll in Masters in Nursing and other medical allied courses such as Nursing, Pharmacy, Radiologic Technology, PT/OT/RT and Medicine. In turn, EAC sends faculty to Nanyang Medical College to teach in some of its college departments.

The need to engage responsibly in international development activities and global health promotion has been an important exemplar for students and for the faculty to learn collaboratively to do something in science that helps people.

Moreover, NYMC and EAC also view their partnership as a pathway to learning cultures and languages while gaining a deeper understanding of their education agenda. Both of these institutions are constantly reviewing their policies, hoping to find optimal learning opportunities for their students to succeed in a world that is becoming increasingly demanding, especially linguistically.

Last September 24, 2019, delegates from Nanyang Medical College made a campus visit to Emilio Aguinaldo College. The delegates were headed by Dr. Zhang Guoliang, NYMC Vice President and Dr. Zhang Shaoyu, Director of Foreign Exchange Office and some professors from the Department of Pharmacy and Traditional Chinese Medicine Department.

Dr. Zhang Guoliang made an impressive speech about the development of NYMC’s medical programs while Dr. Zhang Shaoyu extended an invitation to EAC for the coming international convention for students this coming May. On the other hand, Prof. Xiao Yue Hong discussed the study of Traditional Medicine and encouraged the faculty of the School of Medicine to visit and observe the department’s relevance, benefits and challenges.

A new memorandum of agreement was also signed by Dr. Jose Paulo E. Campos and Dr. Zhang Guoliang, paving the way for a stronger link between the two institutions, such links will provide new dimensions to the learning experiences not only of students but also of teachers. The prospects of this partnership are highly promising and over all the benefits are considerable.